Dott. med. Rüdiger Cevales

If prolonged pain determines your everyday life, it is not uncommon for this to lead to the restriction of otherwise normal activities. You may no longer be able to do your job or hobby. You fearfully avoid joint activities with family and friends – what if the pain comes?

As a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, I advise and treat patients who suffer from chronic pain. More than 15 years ago, I established my practice in Passau, and since 2005, I have focused on individual pain therapy. I consider a trusting doctor-patient relationship to be particularly important for successful treatment. For this to succeed, I take enough time for a thorough examination. Often pain patients already have long suffering behind them, are at a loss or unsettled. In our discussions, we will find out together the cause of your pain and determine your therapy goals. Parallel to my work as a specialist, and I also supervise self-help groups for the exchange of experience and information among patients.

Dott. Rüdiger Cevales
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My goal and my motivation are not only to heal the physical symptoms. Rather, it is elementary for me to find out what causes the pain and to achieve a noticeable improvement in the quality of life through intensive cooperation with the patient.

A few words about my professional qualifications:

In 1991, after completing my medical studies in Padua, Italy, I received my doctorate in cardiology. During my clinical studies, I gained a broad basic knowledge in the fields of orthopedics, internal medicine as well as physical and rehabilitative medicine.

To guarantee the best medical treatment for my patients, I am continually educating and qualifying myself. During my professional career, I obtained my diploma A and B in acupuncture as well as the new title acupuncture.

Other essential methods in particular pain therapy are homeopathy, naturopathy, and psychotherapy. As a supplement to traditional treatment therapies, they serve to take a holistic view of the patient’s health situation. For more than 20 years, I have been passing on my knowledge from these qualifications to my patients. Also, I have qualified in the areas of pain therapy and physical therapy and have been given the appropriate additional titles by the Bavarian State Chamber of Physicians.

I conduct advanced training courses for doctors, medical students, and patients. In regularly taking place quality circles, I appear as a moderator as well as a speaker.

What is the next step for you?

Decide not to live with the pain. As your specialist for physical and rehabilitative medicine, I support you and am always at your side on your individual, often a long journey. Profit from my many years of comprehensive experience and my specialization in the complex field of pain therapy.

A friendly and committed team awaits you. Please feel free to make an appointment for a consultation.
Thank you for your trust.

Short profil


  • Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine
  • Established with own surgery in Passau
  • Focus on particular pain therapy (pain therapy facility)
  • Implementation of quality circles (as moderator and speaker)
  • Conducting advanced training courses for patients, medical students and doctors
  • Support of self-help groups


  • Medical studies at the University of Padua/Italy, including doctoral thesis in cardiology
  • Doctoral examination 03.1991, with the degree Dottore in medicine e Chirurgia.
    Topic: Short- and medium-term functional and clinical evaluation of aortocoronary bypass patients.

Clinical Training

  • 6 months gynecology and obstetrics
  • 12 months Orthopaedics
  • 50 months Physical and rehabilitative medicine
  • 32 months in Internal Medicine

Additional designation

  • Naturopathic treatment (granted by the Bavarian Medical Association on 01.04.1994)
  • Homeopathy (awarded by the Bavarian Medical Association on 25.09.1995)
  • Psychotherapist / Psychological Advisor, D.P.S. (issued 25.03.1998)
  • „Diploma A in Acupuncture,“ D.A.G., Dr. Stux, 13.11.1993
  • „Diploma B in Acupuncture,“ Acupuncture Research Group, Dr. Molsberger, 03.12.2000
  • Acupuncture (granted by the Bavarian Medical Association on 13.10.2004)
  • Physical therapy (issued by the Bavarian Medical Association on 18.01.2006)
  • Algesiologist DGS / STK published 03. 2000
  • Specialized pain therapy (granted by the Bavarian Medical Association on 15.02.2005)
  • Quality management representative TÜV, awarded by TÜV Academy Rheinland on 07.01.2002